The Minecrafters versus the Ender Lord Chapter 9!

The group was walking along an icy path. The snowstorm had recently died down, and they were heading through an ice spikes biome. True to her name, the only one who seemed unaffected by the cold and the slippery path was Snowfur. Everybody else was shivering. “I hope we get out of this place soon.” Kratos mumbled. An ice shard then fell down from one spike. “Hm…” Obi said, “I wonder what made tha-” “RAAAAAHHHHH!!!” Enderman began to reveal themselves from their hiding places. They were trapped! Obi and Jeremiah tried to shoot arrows but they were no use! Porkus killed a few but he was eventually stuffed into a sack. Viden wasn’t doing any better, he was overrun at the start. Jayden and Kratos were surrounded and loosing fast. Mn123, Chapman, and Snowfur were fighting hard, but could not hold off the sheer multitude of endermen. The skirmish ended as quickly as it began. The endermen captured the entire group and vanished. Leaving only clouds of ender-dust that faded into the wind.



Jeremiah woke up to the sound of multiple iron doors clanging open. “Cell block 3A is now in recreation period!” A loudspeaker boomed.  “Where am I?” He mused to himself. “Welcome to the rock.” A robotic voice cooly mentioned. “Who are you?” Jeremiah replied in fear. I am Dr. Nose, but you can call me Doctor. A cyborg emerged from a cot in the corner of the cell.

“You are in a mining prison.”

“What are those?”

“They are prisons built upon strange ore pockets that regenerate after a few hours. They don’t want to use miners for this tedious task, so they use prisoners.”

“Have you seen any of my friends?” he exclaimed “They are two elves, an enderhuman, a night, a kaijight, a wizard, and a zombie.”

“Yes. They are in the same cell block as us. Come, we will take a walk and find your friends.”




The Minecrafters versus the Ender Lord Chapter 8!

The Khajiit had her bow at the ready. “Friend or foe?” She yelled. “We mean no harm! Don’t shoot!” Replied Kratos swiftly. She slowly put her bow away and said “Alright… Well, what is a bunch of travelers like yourselves doing out in the snow? If you hadn’t stumbled upon my house, I wouldn’t be surprised if you all froze to death.”  “We were trying to find someone that would react to this orb.” He then showed the finder. “Would you mind holding it?” The Khajiit hesitated for a moment, and then answered cautiously.  “Uh I guess so. What exactly is this if you don’t mind my asking.” As she reached for it, the finder began to glow! The Khajiit took a step back defensively. “What in the world is that thing? It better not be some sort of trickery. I won’t hesitate to call for backup!”As the glow in the finder faded, Jeremiah spoke up. “You see, we are guided by the glow of the sphere to try to locate potential people to join our team.” Obi then added “As you may have seen, the enderman are trying to awaken their master the Ender Lord from deep hibernation. We would like you to be on our journey to stop them.” “What exactly will we do to defeat him?” Chapman responded “We will first try to find as many people as we are able. Then we shall follow this magical map to the ender stronghold and defeat the endermen.” “Alright, I Snowfur will do my best to help your cause. I just hope this orb picked the right Khajiit for the job.”

Minecrafters versus the Ender Lord Chapter 7!

After what seemed like days of grueling challenges that seemed to test the mind and body, Viden transported them back to the glade. “You have shown me great expertise in your unique skills. Now I will take you out of limbo for everybody to receive their gifts!” A bright light flashed, the party was suddenly back in the tree.

“How much time has passed?” Kratos exclaimed.

“Hardly a minute” Viden answered. “Limbo is a state of mind and soul.

“Then why did we have to eat, sleep, and rest while in there?”

“Your mind and soul have ties to your body, unless you have the proper training, you can only do in limbo what your physical self could do in the real world.”

The elder walked into the room dragging a large box. “Your gifts are in here. For Jeremiah; an elven acid arrow, guaranteed not to miss and always kill. For Obiwan; a pig named Porkus, he is trained in martial arts and will always protect you. For Kratos; a dragon band. It will allow you to speak to Tsibux, your Erebus dragon. For Chapman, a talisman, it will give you a stamina boost when you need it.” “Thanks so much!” Obi exclaimed. “Your welcome!” He replied.  “As for the two people waiting outside, they deserve their own gifts because they have already conquered their unique challenges. For Mn321, a limitless food bag. This food is magic and will give the sense of flavor to even the most rotten of tongues. For Jayden_Rex2112, an ender shard. This will allow him to access the teleportation power of the endermen that he longs for.” The group thanked him for the gifts, and departed. Outside the forest, everybody was admiring their new gifts when Viden ran up to them. “Wait!” He shouted. “I would like to join your quest to defeat the Ender lord! Life at the forest is very monotonous. I need to expeience an adventure of my own.” “Why not?” Jeremiah said. “We need as many as possible for the final battle.”… … … After After about 2 days of travel,m the group found themselves in the middle of a savage snowstorm in the tundra. Because their dragon could not fly in the storm, they were forced to go on foot. “We are close to a heat source!” shouted Chapman over the howling wind, “I can feel it!”  “There!” Obi yelled, “A light!” The group bumped into a small cottage dug into the ground. Everyone tumbled inside and began to warm themselves up, only to find someone already inhabiting the establishment!


Hardcore life #5

When I logged on to my hardcore world, I saw a strange notification.


I decided to meet this new person and promptly set out on my boat to the house.


creeprkillr7550 turned out to be a very kind person. He also started to tidy up my house while I was gone!


After getting to know each other, I gave him some iron armor.


I hope to have many more adventures with this kind and well-organized player.

Some photos

Here are some photos that I have taken in my hardcore life series. All of them have a similar secret. If you find that secret, you will be receiving an e-mail with an upcoming event in Hardcore life. 😉

(Click on the image to see a larger version)

Hint #1 The secret is not written.

Hint #1 The secret is not written.

Hint #2 Look in the horizon.

Hint #2 Look in the horizon.

Hint #3 look as close as possible.

Hint #3 look as close as possible.

Good luck! ;)

Good luck! 😉

The minecrafters versus the Ender Lord chapter 6!

Jeremiah_Regan was joyful. They were traveling to the flower forest! A nexus of botany, entomology, and home of the wood elves, his species!  He was so excited to inform his family and friends on what he has been up to!  The group approached the edge of the forest when mn321 shouted, “Stop! There are elves in the trees! They are ready to shoot us!

“Where where?!” Kratos exclaimed.

“Up in the trees!”

Jeremiah mentioned, awestruck. “I cannot believe you can see them! Only the most vigilant of people are able to see through the guise of elven cloaks.  I think you might have been an excellent tracker before you turned into a zombie. Anyways, I must hail them.” Jeremiah then whistled a tune that sounded like a bird call. Instantly, he received a reply of the same melody. An elf then seemed to melt out of the tree. She declared, “We will not bring in the enderhuman and the zombie.  They will make the people uneasy.” The group left a reluctant jayden and mn at the border, and they went into what seemed to be a hollowed out dark oak tree, and climbed up a spiral staircase.  At the top, there were many platforms of wood around the trees.  They were connected to each other by zip-lines. After many hours of meeting and greeting, the group was ushered by a squad of elven warriors to the largest tree in the forest.

“Where are they taking us?” Chapman asked.

“I have no idea. Something about testing our abilities.” Jeremiah replied.

The group now entered the tree and found themselves in a grand tree house of sorts.  The clan elder and his son sat at the other end of the hall in an open space that seemed to be a living room.  “Come. We have much to talk about.” The elder declared.  Jeremiah noticed that the finder was glowing brightly.  He wondered who would join the cause.   The older elf declared “There have been many stories about you and your heroics.  I have lived over 800,000 human generations, and every so often, a warrior is summoned here to be tested of their heroics; and if they are true or not.  If you pass the challenges,  you will each have a gift that will aid you in your journey.  I will take you to the meditation rooms.” As they were following the elder, his son explained.  “You see, the tests take place in limbo, a state of mind and spirit.  With enough training, you are able to manipulate it.”  They walked into a room which was bare except for a few mats.  Another elf, which was at the far end of the room, was sitting cross-legged.  “Sit down, all of you.” He commanded softly.  When the group sat down , they found themselves in a pristine plain.  The sky was a faded sea foam green, and the grass was very vibrant.  Everything was fuzzy at the edges, and there seemed to ba a fog-like haze everywhere. “Welcome to limbo” The other elf said. “I am Viden.”